Our Purpose...

SEEDS programs will address the multiple factors affecting low income, working poor and underserved families that tend to keep them in poverty and place them at risk of becoming homeless and/or in need of crisis intervention services. It will be the aim of the SEEDS programs to increase the possibility of children and adults in our area, to live stable, secure and prosperous lives. Building

Community SEEDS operates as a clearing house for area churches, to serve the economically disadvantaged, poor and underserved people of our area, with emergency assistance and programs to empower & encourage them to become self-sufficient! We want our communities to be a place where there are no needy people among us. (Acts 4:34)

We will not only provide resources for people, we will teach them how to be resourceful. We are not interested in creating a culture of people dependant on programs. We will hold them accountable, create a plan for their long-range success, track their progress, and teach them valuable skills that will make them marketable. It will be our privilege to serve the less fortunate, but we will not serve as an agency to disable them with programs only. Grace is important, but only when coupled with accountability.


Community SEEDS is a faith-based 501(c) 3) organization, planting hope one family at a time.