Community Garden Program

Come be a part of our community garden as we begin planting, composting and growing food each spring that will help provide for those in need in our area. 

The Community Seeds garden is my Mount of Olives - a place where I can go to hear the Lord's still quiet voice. I have experienced great healing out there. I get to be a participant in helping out in the garden. One of my greatest joys is watching it grow and learning about the right way to care for it. I have learned alot during my stay here at community is kind of symbolic because with a garden you have to put in some action to even be able to harvest the it is the same with my spiritual walk here at seeds.

I have had a lot of growing pains.

God's grace and mercy in my life has seen me through these tough times. When I came here I was overgrown with weeds and bearing bad fruit. Now I have been cultivated in the word and my spirit is improving.

The more that God reveals to me, the more I am able to have spiritual growth...this is a daily reprieve…

Everything about Community Seeds has become a place where I can hear the soft tranquil voice of the Lord who has never left nor forsaken in a world where we already feel troubled and forsaken...He talks to me in the the library...when I am walking towards seeds...and especially when I am not practicing good conscience….I love the Lord and his people... Community seeds has become family to me in a time when I have divided blood relationships.

My christian family is very important to me.

Back to community seeds garden of joy. It is a joy to be able to give back to the community and this is just a small part of a big puzzle but one I grow increasingly aware of daily…

People love fresh garden vegetables; I love to see the smiles when they get makes me happy that I can be a part of it…

Missy Mae

Transitional house participant

July 2018

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